Hi all, gigs and release news is here!

Newtown Neurotics play 100 Club London on Friday Feb 6th 2014! More details soon!

Steve Drewett launches a new blog covering the days leading up to the release of his first solo album detailing his hope for the success of his first new release for 26 years. Check it out at jengasociety.blogspot.com

Newtown Neurotics first two vinyl singles have been re-released.
Purchase the Neurotics first two releases "Hypocrite" and "When The Oil Runs Out" exactly as they originally appeared in 1979 and 1980 with enhanced vinyl audio.

Follow this link to the Mail Order section to buy online.

Steve Drewett's first book on Amazon!

Steve Drewett's first book 'You're Never Alone with a Neurotic' is now available as a digital download from Amazon, follow this link to find out how to get it!

Thanks for your support,
Steve Drewett