Newtown Neurotics - London Pub

Reviewed by X More - NME 12 March 1983

Too many bands flunk many a grand introduction - some bands get a three page feature in the NME and it still sounds like a dull invitation to a crummy party. The bands that matter have only to gatecrash the smallest stage, no introduction and to hell with invites. The Neurotics always engineer a fine entrance and splat. There they are!

Newtown Neurotics in a small London Pub are an electric, caged defiance, overcoming all the odds, speeding on a mighty spirit and a rare pride. They start firing with 'Wake Up', a glorious composition - three parts dance-instrumental and one part inspirational verbalising and proceed from the glorious to the supreme. The Neurotics have taken the punk polemic of Crisis and let it loose on the dance floor.
The vocals sound like the second-hand noise of someone else's personal stereo, the tinpot teapot of a PA falls over and the amps keep cutting out but the Neurotics spirit still cuts through.

There are only two positive punk bands and right now the Newtown Neurotics are both of them - upfull sexbeat driving dance songs and lyrics to pump red blood to your heart. Body and soul.

The Neurotics tell tales of a life of struggle ; if Claus IV is the libretto, this band are punk soap opera stars.

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Colin Dredd - bass player Extraordinare