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Newtown Neurotics: 'No Sanctuary' (CNT) Sounds December 11th 1982

Reviewed by Gary Bushall

When Weller was good he used to write pop-noise nuggets as timeless and teenage as this, which like the Violators single, proves that punk doesn't have to be unlistenable and pop doesn't have to be tame!

This is a hard, raucous, angry and catchy celebration of adolescent growing pains; the teenage time bomb captured on vinyl as Steve Drewett recalls domestic generation gap flare-ups with un-nerving realism:

'Quiet/Don't tell me to be quiet/Why don't you try to be quiet?/What the hell are you trying to prove?. It's not me who's the arsehole but you/ I, I, I, I, I HAVE NO SANCTUARY/ I realise I'm the family sore/I'm not your Mothercare baby no more/ I, I, I, I, I HAVE NO SANCTUARY/Cant' play my 'rock 'n'roll/My parents knock and they bang on the floor.'

A must for any family row, just as the b-side tale of public bar frustration 'Licensing Hours' deserves to be played on any pub juke box where they don't serve afters.

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