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Newtown Neurotics - 45 Revolutions Per Minute - Jungle Freud 31

Q magazine Issue 52 Jan 1991

Reviewed by Paul Davies

Veterans of countless political benefits over the years, 1980's punks Newtown Neurotics made an agreeably loutish racket which combined their clenched-fist leftist stance with an unreconstructed Ramones style punk thrash.

The best of their government destabilising rants are included on this compilation of early singles, and they still pack a powerfully belligerent punch today.

Making up I white-knuckle rage and commitment what they lacked in subtlety, spunky three minute gobs of energy like 'Mindless Violence', 'Kick Out The Tories' and 'Suzi is a Heartbreaker' provided an invigoratingly abrasive shock to the system.

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Simon Lomond-Demon Drummer with a smile like a frog