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NEWTOWN NEUROTICS: Suzi Is a Heartbreaker (No Wonder) NME 26th January 1985

Reviewed by Adrian Thrillsl

The musical echoes are of Eddie And The Hotrods, but the spirit is more Billy Bragg than Masters on this cautionary tale of a CB radio romance that goes badly wrong.

Although this brand of snotty-nosed grub-punk is in severe danger of being crushed by the wheels of electropop, records like this are still one in the eye for every po-faced "serious artist" that graces a Top Of The Pops stage:

"Her finger's on pulse of the radio world/The Casanova channel for shy boys and girls/ Well if you're ugly that's quite all right/No one will know out there in the night."

File alongside 'Love On The Terraces', and 'Going Steady' in the Pantheon of silly punk love.

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Simon Lomond-Demon Drummer with a smile like a frog