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The Neurotics - Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks? - Jungle Records Fly Fishing 1988

Reviewed by JR Hartley

Their fourth LP and sadly their last in the current incarnation.

Ironically, it's also the best thing they've done (for these ears anyway); Drewett's songs have become multi-facetted, (not overnight you understand), the lyrics have often shrouded more than one interpretation, but here the usual sturdy guitar/bass/drums format is given more strength and depth. Subtle keyboards pepper both sides, being particularly effective in the excellent 'Keep The Faith' like many wearing it's motives prominently does it no harm; instead of being clumsy and laboured, the passion in both voice and playing, shoulders it to near anthemic status.

'Angela' and 'The Loneliest Jukebox' find Drewett at his most poignant, the latter takes on board violin and accordion to amplify yearning while the former bites it's lip in frustration. 'You Must Be Mad' ends side one without bluster or pomposity; in years to come, it'll be songs like this that groups will pencil in as a potential cover.
It's got everything - great tunes, chorus and a killer left hook. 'If Only' displays the passion and despair of every classic Neurotics love song, scratching and tearing itself into tiny pieces.

The rumoured change in direction is hinted at with 'Afrika', but whatever their next move is, their trade mark of soul and passionate music will continue - fainthearted stand aside: - the best SOUL LP for years.

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