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Steve Drewett
kuJenga Society
(Cruel Binary)
Newtown Neurotics (frontman delivers
accomplished solo album.

Steve Drewett has always been a master
of the art of songwriting, whether as
singer in the magnificent UK82 punk
band the Newtown Neurotics or on
subsequent other projects. yet 'kujenga
Society' is his first solo record. It's
an album that combines Drewett's
common sense look at the world with
some deeply personal moments, all
held together with rich acoustic guitars.
There are some fine gritty pop songs
here, such as the sensitive 'Around
Love' and open and honest 'The One',
and even an authentic Christmas song
about a broken family. 'kujenga Society'
also includes three Neurotics songs _
'Mindless Violence', 'If Only' and 'Inch
Away', all stripped down to their rawest,
with the latter's harrowing tale of
domestic violence sounding like a close
cousin to Billy Bragg's 'Levi Stubbs
Tears', An unexpected treasure from a
great British songwriter.

Andy Peart Vive La Rock February 2015

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