The One

If you could see me now, sitting here, waiting for you to call
you would be surprised, how dependent I've become.
So I've changed again, but where will it end, is this just fun or is this the one but I'm too afraid to ask how you feel.

You are my love, you're a part of me, and words cannot describe, how your feelings they suggest to me in your long contented sighs
that I might be the one, to share the rest of your life.

Now you and me share a vocabulary, missing a word, it’s never spoken or heard and its absence is digging a hole in my heart.
We need to set ourselves free and I believe that this word is the key, lets share it, let us speak its name.


Oh, please understand me,
Well, these are busy days and I’ve got to be here and I got to go there
and I run so fast I remain on the spot, and things of importance appear that they’re not when
I'm with you, when I am with you
You make it all, melt away.

Months, turned into a year, we shared so much laughter and even some tears and one day I found myself opening up to you.
In your face you showed no surprise, you held my hand and looked into eyes and then slowly and softly you said to me.
You said to me, now listen


(2014 Published by Cote Basque Music Publishing Limited)