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Image of Steve Drewett circa 1982

You're Always Alone with a Neurotic

The world’s first autoblogography 

Steve Drewett's first book has gone on sale on Amazon as an eBook.

You don’t need to have a Kindle (hardware) either to read it as the Kindle reader is available to download for PC, Mac, Iphone/Ipad and Android phones for free frome here...

A tri-timeline, bi-navigational odyssey. 50 blogs, of hate, self loathing, death, rock ‘n’ roll, politics, the War On Terror, anxiety, illness, frustration, hope, happiness and the exhilaration of being a cult punk rock star.

This book has a tri-timeline narrative for each entry which echo one another; threads connect the separate years drawing them into a whole. The past shows aspirations for the future that you can see are realised or not on the same page, and the present shows the distance and journey travelled to attempt to realise those same aspirations. 

'You're Always Alone with a Neurotic' is a bi-navigational ebook so if you prefer a linear journey through the story, it has been hyper linked to enable a seamless alternative way of letting events unfold. 

 So buy the book download the reader and find out why Steve gave up music for seventeen years and what eventually dragged me out of the shadows and back into the light as a performer.

To buy this digital book go to the, search for 'Steve Drewett' and then it will appear. For UK citizens you must buy if from

Amazon UK

Amazon America

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