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The Neurotics Tour Behind The Iron Curtain

Here it is, the first part of the Frolicks, Frills and Fun had by The Neurotics aided and abetted by their pal Billy Bragg as they grappled with the Communist State and forced them to supply them with so many East German Marks that they couldn't afford to maintain the Wall properly. Hence it's downfall a few years later, read all about it, read all about it in a blow by blow tour report from 1986 just arrived to this web page!

Head for the boarder-the saga begins

Our first impressions

The East Berlin gig

The Moritzburg Castle gig

The Suhl gig: Will the TV go out the window?

The 'Unofficial Berlin Gig

The Zeppelin hanger Gig

The Final Gig

Our Final Impressions

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