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The Original Neurotics Guestbook
- Archive

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Name: Neil Betteridge
From: Harlow
Steve, Can't believe there is a Neurotics website, Des from the square told me 2 look for it, have even found some neurotics stuff on Napster!
17:01:46 2000/12/16

Name: Fitz
From: Croatia
It is indeed great to find this site about Newtown Neurotics!!! I also think they are way underestimated, so i hope this page will do them a bit of justice. They are truly one of the best British band with no nonsense lyrics, catchy melodies and right-on attitute. I personally have "Beggars..." LP and "Punk Singles ..." CD and ,believe me, they are on my stereo a fucking lot!!! If we love Neurotics even in a shithole place like Croatia, then they are REALLY hell of a band!!!
01:54:16 2000/12/06

Name: paul mack
From: salford,manchester
first heard the band on john peel in 83, then rushed out to buy hypocrite, and then beggars,what a great album, saw the band at manchester and leeds and even waited 8 hours at a festival in bolton on a rumour that the band were playing,,,,,,great days.....paul mack of manchester
14:36:19 2000/11/25

Name: Norman Strike
From: Harlow via South Shields
Loved 'Kick out the Tories,only thing I heard.Used to be a miner,went on the Tube with The Redskins
07:54:34 2000/11/24

Name: Kevin Jones
From: Harlow New Town of course!
Do you actually read this page on a reguar basis Steve? If you reply to me I may dicover the truth.
05:02:41 2000/10/28

Name: budgie
From: rochdale uk
i have all the neurotics records,anyone want copies???
19:38:20 2000/10/27

Name: Simon Timothy
From: Godalming
Simon - where are you now? Remember Tigger? Great site by the way.
09:59:04 2000/09/18

Name: Shane J.
From: Sin City
Does anyone have or know of any guitar tableture for any Neurotics stuff. I have searched the world over trying to track some down but to no avail. If anyone could lend a hand it would be much appreciated. e-mail "Without struggle, there can be no change"
09:40:12 2000/08/04

Name: mark w.
From: ruislip,london
Love the site steve. Still love the music. Give me a call.
17:00:00 2000/07/21

Name: Graham Debenham
From: Welwyn Garden City
When is some kindly record label going to replace my scratched copies of repercussions, kickstarting & Bolsheviks
17:26:59 2000/07/03

Name: Jens Kade
From: East- Germany
Hallo, thank you for this website. I met The Neurotics often in 87 and 88 in Dresden and Berlin in the DDR and we had much fun.It was a time I often remember. Have anybody the adress or the email of Simon Lomond ?
09:43:04 2000/05/24

Name: mick pledge
hi steve nice to bump into you in the town park hope to see you soon.lots of love from your old driver miky pledge
12:36:33 2000/05/01

Name: Larz Gustafsson
From: Sweden
"Mindless Violence" is a FABULOUS song!! Congratulations! And I'll never forget your cover version of "Swallow My Pride". All the best, guys! LARZ GUSTAFSSSON (a k a ZLUGGO POP), ex-singer of Swedish punk band BIZEX-B)
12:01:42 2000/04/20

Name: dave
From: philly pa
i downloaded the song fools it has already became one of my favorties, i really need to get some of this bands stuff! i mean wow that song is really really good , if anybody knows where i can download some of there or get any of there 7"s please let me know........ --cheers, dave
01:13:05 2000/04/09

Name: nick
From: leominster
good to find some information on the much underrated band the neutown neurotics
08:58:30 2000/04/03

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