Harlow Star - December 23rd, 1993

Interviewed by Steve Farrar..

Steve Drewett former front man with famous Harlow sons The Neurotics, and still fronting The Indestructible Beat goes On The Record:"

Q: Who or what inspires you?
A: The Indestructible Beat

Q: What song do you wish you had written?
A: Fairy Tale of New York by The Pogues.

Q: Who are the villains in your opinion?
A: Tories, they are worse than vermin.

Q: What do you miss most about The Neurotics?
A: The little triangular cut sandwiches with fishy bits in we always insisted on in our riders.

Q: What is it about living in a new town that made you neurotic?
A: Acute boredom and local music journalists.

Q: What was the last book you read?
A: Extra Terrestrial Civilisations: Isaac Asimov (non-fiction)

Q: What's your motto?
A: "I have done many things in my life and this is certainly one of them" and "Nevermind eh?"

Q: What's the future of rock 'n' roll?
A: It will always be part of the problem and at the same time be nowhere bear enough of a solution.

Q: What else can you do outside of music?
A: I am a fully qualified indoor hang gliding instructor for the agoraphobic.

Q: Why do you always wear sunglasses even when it's dark?
A: I'm getting prepared for the impending return of the Dark Ages.

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image of Steve Drewett in East Berlin

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