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Cover of Disgraceland by Steve Drewett and the Indestructible Beat

New Release!

Disgraceland by Steve Drewett & The Indestructible Beat

13 Slices of AfroPunk from Steve Drewett and The Indestructible Beat a genre created by Drewett himself.
This legendary album recorded in 1990, has been long sought after having only appeared briefly as a download in 2000. Lost since then, it now appears as a proper release for the first time

See Steve Drewett and The Indestructible Beat's 'Disgraceland' album review by following this link.


"His (Steve Drewett & The Indestructible Beat) is a jagged music, the rawness of prime new wave forged with
the lilting rhythms of African dance, two seemingly impossible partners, a match made somewhere other than heaven,
the results can only startle". (Folk Roots issue 21 1990)

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