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Steve Drewett solo

Image of Steve Drewett in a thoughtful pose  



"Faultless music in Thoughtless Times" - Steve Lamacq

"Drewett proves that punk dosen't have to be unlistenable and pop doesn't have to be tame"
(Carole Clark Sounds)

Steve's solo work is a chance to look beyond the power chord springboard of the Neurotics
and Indestructible Beat and, seeing the quality of his work as a singer songwriter,
realise that this is the thread that has run though all of his music!


Below is a demo video of a new song of Steve's 'The Idea', currently unreleased and
his solo album KuJenga Society available from 'The Drewett Store' right now.

Looking for the Newtown Neurotics website? Check it out here.

  Image of the kuJenga Society album sleeve

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This is the Steve Drewett's solo page.