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Image of article in Q magazine listing the Newtown Neurotics as one of the Greatest British power trio's

Q magazine logo

May 2009

Newtown Neurotics capture at the recording of Kick Out The Tories

The Newtown Neurotics are as relevant as ever and are still playing live today,
they were listed by Q Magazine in May 2009 as being one of the Greatest British Power Trios
and nothing has changed in that respect since then.

Check out the Newtown Neurotics website here.

"Drewett proves that punk dosen't have to be unlistenable and pop doesn't have to be tame"
(Carole Clark Sounds)

Beggars Can Be Choosers is punk with extraordinary get-up-and-go that's both fun-sounding and sharp-edged.
Drewett's social commentary is at its best, from the "sexual double standards"
in "No Respect" to his version of the Members' "Solitary Confinement," redone with a clever twist as
"Living with Unemployment." Punk-reggae is even handled competently on "Newtown People."(Trouser Press)

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