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Neurotics MP3's


The Stortbeat Collective

Image of bands and crew from the Stortbeat Collective

Simon Lomond can be seen under the bottom right hand corner of the left hand TV screen, Steve Drewett is third from the right in the front row and Colin Dredd missed the photo session because he didn't check his phone messages until too late!

On November 8th 2004 a double CD set called 'The Stortbeat Collective' was launched at the Square in Harlow. The collection celebrates the music scene in Harlow during the Eighties and includes two rare tracks from the Neurotics.
It was suggested that on the night of the launch some of the people and bands from that era would perform once again for a laugh, and it was in that spirit that The Neurotics agreed to bash out a few numbers without any reheasal some sixteen years after they last played. A laugh? Once the band was told they would be finishing off the evening, that the gig was being filmed and then all the other acts turned out great sets they realised just how much of a laugh this had not turned out to be, this had now become serious and there was a danger of making an arse of themselves.

Of the five numbers played on the night, only one had all three members of the band. Colin hadn't played any bass for 16 years and Blitzkreig Bop seem the easiest song for him to remember. The other tracks had Don, a friend of Simon playing bass, Steve met him the first time that very afternoon. This really was going to be punk rock, as much a risk of it all falling apart as the earliest gigs of the band way back in 1978. How did it turn out, check out the MP3's of the evening and find out.

The Stortbeat Collective gig
Many thanks to John Lomond for recording the gig and sending on the files.


This is the first of what will eventually be a large collection of free MP3's of the Neurotics and Steve Drewett solo appearences so revisit from time to time to check this area out.

The Newtown Neurotics live on Insel der Jugend in East Berlin

Thank you Mr Happy from Germany for these recordings who wrote...

This was a concert, that happend in summer of '89 at the "Insel der Jugend" in East Berlin. It featured "Die Art" from Leipzig, "Die Skeptiker" from (East)Berlin and international guests Attila the Stockbroker and the highly adoreable Neurotics

Holiday in Albania - with Attila the Stockbroker
Never Thought
Airstrip One
Baby don't you grieve
This Fragile Life

Steve Drewett solo gig at Uxbridge Labour Club October 1988

The Uxbridge Labour Club gig 50 meg

Labour Listens - Steve Drewett
Dresden, East Germany Dec 26th 1990

Labour Listens (Drewett) at the Dresden Big Top gig 4.34 meg

Steve Lamacqs final song on his final BBC Radio One Show, what band could that possilbly be?

Here's the story of the final song on his final show (and although the link to the audio no longer works, we have included an MP3 of it below)

Download the MP3 of the final song on the final BBC Radio One show of Steve Lamacq here.




Image of the front of the 'Kickstarting A Backfiring Nation album

The Neurotics: Steve Drewett - Simon Lomond - Colin Dredd.
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