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Pissed as a Newt.
No Wonder Tapes. NOW CAS1 (1980)

Image of the cover of the 'Pissed as a Newt' cassette album

  • Intro -Triad bar, Bishop Stortford, Feb 1979*
  • Mindless Violence - Dane End village hall, Hertfordshire, Aug 1978
  • When I Need You - Dingwalls, London, April 1980
  • When The Oil Runs Out - Benny's Nightclub, Harlow, Feb 1981*
  • Bored Policemen - Harlow Town Park, June 1980@
  • OhNo - Dingwalls, London, April 1980
  • You Said No - Music Machine, London, Dec 1980
  • Licensing Hours - Dingwalls, London, April 1980
  • Hypocrite
  • I Get On Your Nerves } Harlow Town Park, June 1980@

All songs Mixing desk recordings except * Hand held Microphone @ Mobile recording studio.

This release is now available as CD only


Kickstarting a Backfiring Nation.
Jungle Records FREUD C10(1986)

- Also Includes Repercussions LP and the Suzi 12" single.

Image of the cover of the cassette version of the 'Kick Starting a Backfiring Nation album


Indie City. NME 037 (1988)
(Mail Order through the NME only) -Includes Mindless Violence, (single Version)

Image of the cover of the NME compilation album 'Indiecity'

Image of the front of the 'Kickstarting A Backfiring Nation album

The Newtown Neurotics: Steve Drewett - Simon Lomond - Colin Dredd.
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