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Hypocrite 7":
Now Wonder Records NOW1(1979)

  • Hypocrite
  • You said no
Image of the sticker that came with Hypocrite


When The Oil Runs Out 7":
Now Wonder Records NOW4(1980)

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  • When The Oil Runs Out
  • OhNo!
Image of the cover of 'When the Oil Runs Out'


Kick Out The Tories/
Mindless Violence 7":
CNT Records- CNT 004 (1981).

  • Kick Out The Tories
  • Mindless Violence
Image of the cover of  'Kick Out the Tories'/Mindless Violence' single


Licensing Hours/
No Sanctuary 7":
CNT Records CNT 010 (1982)

  • Licensing Hours
  • No Sanctuary

Image of the cover of 'Licensing Hours'/'No Sanctuary single


Blitzkrieg Bop 7":
Razor Records RZS 107 (1983).

  • Blitzkrieg Bop
  • Hypocrite(new version)
  • I Remember You

Image of the cover of the 'Blitzkreig Bop' single


Suzi 7":
Now Wonder Records 7" NOW6 (1984).


Suzi 12":
Now Wonder Records 12" Now T6 (1984).

  • Suzi/Fools
  • When I Need You

Image of the cover of the Suzi was a 'Heartbreaker' single



Living With Unemployment 7":
Jungle Records 7"JUNG 29 (1986).

  • Living With Unemployment (live)
  • Airstrip One(live)
  • My Death(live)

Living With Unemployment 12":
Jungle Records 12" JUNG 29T (1986).

  • Living With Unemployment
  • The Scheme of Things - Porky the Poet (better known now as Phil Juptius)
  • There's No Cull For It - Peter Campbell
  • Airstrip One (live)
  • OhNo! (live)My Death(live)
  • Mindless Violence (live)

Image of the cover of the 'Living with Unemployment' single


Never Thought 12":
Jungle Records 12" JUNG 39T (1988).

  • Never Thought
  • Never Thought (instrumental)
  • Screaming (live)
  • Stand By Me (live)
  • The Mind Of Valerie (live)
  • Sects (live)
  • My Death (live)

Image of the cover of the 'Never Thought' single


Key to live tracks:

Living with Unemployment-taken from `Kickstarting' LP Live tracks on `Unemployment' 7+12" b-sides and Screaming on the `Never Thought' 12" are out-takes from the `Kickstarting' LP sessions, not on the LP
A different mix of `OhNo' from NOW4 appeared on the Davy Lamp compilation EP on Davy Lamp Records 7" DL1 (1985).
A dub version of `Mindless Violence' from CNT 004 was used by Attila the Stockbroker as a backing track for his poem `Andy is a Corporatist' where it is referred to as Mindless Version. This track appears on the 45 Revolutions Per Minute LP


Image of the front of the 'Kickstarting A Backfiring Nation album

The Newtown Neurotics: Steve Drewett - Simon Lomond - Colin Dredd.
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