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Neurotics Discography
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Labels Unlimited.
Cherry Red Records. A Red 4 (1979)

- Includes Hypocrite (single version not re-recorded version).

Image of the 'Labels Unlimitied' LP cover


Punk And Disorderly 3.
Anagram Records Gram 005 (lp) (1983) CGram 005 (double play cassette with P+D 2) CDGram 005

- all include Kick Out The Tories (single version).

Image of the 'Punk and Disorderly III' LP cover


Razor Sharp Cuts.
Razor Records. RAZ12 (1984).

- Includes The Mess and Living with Unemployment (from the `Beggars' LP)

Razor Sharp Cuts compilation


Rock Army Faction.
Alerte Rouge\Bondage Records. RRooc (1985-France only).

- Includes Fighting Times (live at the Fulham Greyhound 1984) and -Take Some Action (live in Paris 1985)

Image of the 'Rock Army Faction' LP cover


They Shall Not Pass.
Abstract records. AABT 400 (LP) AABT400CD (CD) (A compilation of CNT Records material) (1985)

- Includes Mindless Violence and Kick Out The Tories (single version).

Image of the 'They Shall Not Pass' LP cover


Not Just Mandela.
Davy Lamp Records DLLP 4 (1986)

- Includes Africa with Billy Bragg.

Image of the 'Not Just Mandela'  LP cover


Wake Up.
12" e.p. Wake Up Records. WOMBLE 1 (1986).

- Includes This Fragile Life (live in East Germany 1986) and Garageland (live in East Germany 1986 with Attila the Stockbroker, Billy Bragg and Wiggy).

Image of the 'Wake Up' LP cover


God Save The U.S.A.
Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign KTL P001 (1987).

- Includes Never Hold Your Tongue (live in East Germany 1986).

Image of the 'God Save Us From teh USA'  LP cover



Image of the front of the 'Kickstarting A Backfiring Nation album

The Newtown Neurotics: Steve Drewett - Simon Lomond - Colin Dredd.
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